The Vision

Wolberg’s vision, skill and creativity is evident in every piece he creates.

George Wolberg is both an artist and an engineer.
This powerful combination led him to develop the technique to design these stunning art pieces and the tools needed to create them.
It is an art just to make the tools to create the art

 – George Wolberg –

The Artist

Professor George Wolberg is an internationally acclaimed engineer and inventor who has spent his entire career bridging the gap between technology and art.

Born in Buenos Aires, George moved to New York, where he pursued his undergraduate education in electrical engineering at the world-renowned Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

George went on to earn a PhD in Computer Science at Columbia University for his ground-breaking work in digital image warping.

George’s creation of ‘Pin Art’ (or Pintillism) is the culmination of his vast experience in design, engineering and fabrication aligned with his interest in art.

George has long been fascinated by the Pointillist painting and color theory techniques developed by artists such as Georges Seurat and other impressionist painters in the 19th Century in which a painting was created using countless tiny dots of pure color.

When viewed at a distance, the human eye fuses the individual dots together into areas of solid color.

George’s unique 21st century perspective ‘Pintillism’ combines image design, technology, engineering and fabrication to produce 3D sculptural and tactile images built up from thousands of tiny pins on canvas.

The Process

The number of pins George places differs greatly according to the size and image.
Most small canvases contain approximately 15,000 pins whilst the bigger installation pieces can have as many as 250,000 pins or more.

The process of creating each piece of art is therefore very intricate, time consuming and a labor of love for George and his studio team.

Every single pin must be embedded in exactly the right place with precision, producing a stunning, innovative and individual artwork which is highly sought after, collectable and valuable.

The Wolberg Studio

Our studio in New York is the only place in the world where George and his team design, develop and create his art.

Commissioning your own art
by George Wolberg

George and his studio team are happy to take commissions and can recreate any image into Pintillism art.

Whether you are an artist wishing to collaborate with us or looking for that special and unique gift, we can turn your own creative designs, family portraits, wedding photos, memorable celebrations and much more into stunning Pintillism pieces of art for you.

How It Works:

Discuss with us what image you would like to have recreated in Pintillism, and once you are happy with the final design George will work hard to interpret it and create a unique and highly personalized piece of art for you; pin by pin.

Most single-panel pieces take 4-6 weeks to create. All other sizes, multi-panels and sizeable art installations are available on request.